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Dancehall is one of the most popular music and dance of Jamaica. It is getting more and more popular by the youth all over the globe, because of it’s spectacular, dynamic moves and joyful mood. The moves of dancehall are inspired by everyday life, and there are songs specially describing each move.

First, it was a version of Reggae, but soon the two genres divided, and dancehall began its own history. It’s popularity is still growing as dancers use unique dancehall moves in many styles such as hip hop, Reggaeton, Twerk etc. Dancehall is developing in an incredible way, new moves are made by dancehall dancers every day! You can recognize it’s typical moves in many music videos!

  • Dancehall helps you to know how to use your own body!
  • Unbelievably dynamic and fun dance, it gives you energy that nothing else!
  • By dancing dancehall you will become a member of a great community!

On the classes you can learn well-built, easy to follow and spectacular moves, that guarantee the success in parties! You will learn how vine, how to move your body parts separately and together, by choreographies from time to time.

You will get to know the different styles and culture of dancehall. Not just the moves, you will get your personalized, unique style! You will know and recognize different types of dancehall music, so you can use authentical moves, that go with the style.

  • Dancehall will get you out of boredom 4 sore!
  • You can form your own dance style.
  • Dancehall will provide you more energy than any energy drink ever!

Don’t hesitate, sign up now and thank yourself later 😉

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