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I was born on 9th December 1986 in Budapest.

I allways liked street dances, I dance this since I was a teenager. Later I began to dance african dances, dancehall and twerk too.

I allways found the latin feeling very attractive, and admired Cuban dancers but the big breaktrouh came to my life only on the summer of 2008. This is when I began to dance New York Salsa. I loved this style so much and was lucky to be able to learn from one of the best New York Salsa dancers (Levente Szőnyi). I thought it is a beautiful and soft dance, but somehow I couldn’t find myself in it. But some day, after my salsa class I heard some pulsing rhythm from an other dance room…. It was reggaeton! I knew and loved this music genre for years, but had no idea that there is a dance style for it!

At that moment I knew I have found what I was looking for, this is my stlye. I immediatlely became an addict, there were no way out I met my partner Zoltan Szadvari on his first reggaeton class, and we have been dancing together since than.

We have opened our own dance school in 2010, and since than we teach on many spots, events, do performances and shows. We became Hungarian Bachata Champions with our team in 2013 and earned good places on many modern dance competitions.

I dance many styles besides Reggaeton, for example Twerk, Dancehall, RaggaJam, Hip-hop, and various Caribbean, Latin and African dances. I like the colorful variation of these dances, they provide me lots of inspiration. I learn and practice every single day, to be able to pass the feeling it provides me with the same enthusiasm!

My main purpose is to get more and more people to like to dance, to move, I want to help them finding their self esteem, to help them break the everyday routine. It is incredible good feeling when a student of mine is proudly telling me her success in parties, or a dance competition. It is good to see people improving class after class, and how they become to lose themself in the music!

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