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Queens’ Style/heels classes

Express and improve your feminine side through dancing! Learn how to be a more confident and sexy dancer. 

 Thanks to Queens' Style classes you will have a better posture, higher self confidence and you will be able to dance to almost any kind of music.  You will learn how to whip your hair, roll your body, swing your hips, walk like a godass or shake your booty.
At Queens' Style classes you don't have to compete with anybody, we are working together as friends, helping each other to improve our skills.

What to expect at Queens' Style classes:

  • varied music, moves and choreographies - so you can easily find your own stlye
  • you will learn movement techniques besides choreographies - so you can be a more confident dancer
  • we will improve your improvisational skills - so you can be Queen of the dancefloor at any party
  • intense moves - helps you to get fit
  • detailed explanations, lots of practice
  • new and trendy music

See you at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays! Don't hesitate, sign up for the next class now! 

Queens Style/Heels registration