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Reggaeton Ladies Style Workshop
Attention! There will be no classes on 17th February!







 you could forget the stress for a while

you could get out of the everyday routines

you could leave your usual things behind for a little bit?







 when you can travel to Katowice, Poland

to meet new people

to get to know other cultures

to learn from famous dancers

to improve your dance skills

to relax for your favourite songs

 when you can achieve the knowledge you can get by months of learning dance – in only 3 days?


 because you can forget all your problems for a weekend

because you can visit Katowice in Poland

 because you can get more inspiration in an international enviroment

 because you can learn from internationally famous dancers

 because you get the knowledge of months in just 3 days

 because there will be only workshops of your interest

 because you can be a part of a great dancer community

 because you can see quality and spectacular shows

















I am beginner. Is it worthy for me to attend the Kongres?

Definitely! There will be workshops for all levels at the Kongres, so you’ll be able to find classes for your level. This weekend will help you a lot in improving your skills.

Can I attend only one type of classes?

Yes. There are thematic passes, so you can attend only Reggaeton, only Dancehall, only Twerk or only Fit classes.

Are parties included in the prices?

Yes. If you buy for example daily pass, you can attend the party on that day.

Can I attend all of the workshops?

Yes. We recommend you to buy OPEN PASS, which includes all the workshops and parties.

Is the accomodation included in the prices?

No. The accomodation should be booked individually. If you need help in finding accomodation, we can help you.









 If you want to attend as more workshops as possible as well as the parties, we recommend you to buy OPEN PASS, because you can attend all the programs with it.

 If you are interested only in one dance style, so you want to attend only the reggaeton, dancehall, twerk or the fit classes, you can choose the thematical PASSES. (Reggaeton Pass, Dancehall Pass, Twerk Pass, Fit Pass), but if you are interested in 2 or more styles, it is better to choose the OPEN PASS!

 If you can attend for one day, you can choose one of the daily passes, which allows you to attend all workshops and parties on that day.  * prices for daily passes will be uploaded soon








Reggaeton panel:

Twerk panel:

Dancehall panel:

Fit panel:



Prices until 15 January, 2018:









★ Workshops for 3 days

★ 2 great parties – lots of fun

★ internationally famous instructors – lot of inspiration

★ quality environment

★ international dancer community

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