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Szádvári Zoltán


I was born on 7th of February in 1977 in Szombathely.

Music was literally essential for me since I was born. The style changed a lot but latin ryhtms were somehow allways among them, and as a maximalist I did almost everything on a competitive level.

I dance since 1990.

I began ballroom dances in Budapest in 1995. (My teachers were: Andrea Keleti, Péter Vörös, Csaba Inotai, Mariann Fisher)

In 1996 I was a dancer of the opening dance on the First New Opera Bal in Budapest – and in the next 3 years too.

In 1997 I became a member of Savaria Dance Sport Associtation in Szombathely (adult latin formation).

My first Latin Formation World Championship was in 1999, and after came more than 7 years of formation dancing, lots of performances. ( My coaches and teachers were: Marcus Sónyi and Ágota Berta Horváthné) My results: 7 Hungarian Championships, 3 Austria Open 1st place, European Cup 1st place, European Championship 2nd place, 4 World Championship finals)

Since 2001, I have been dancing and teaching Cuban salsa besides latin balroom dances.

I met a Puerto Rican street dance called Reggaeton the first time in 2008.

We started the first Reggaeton Workshop Tour in Hungary in February 2009, and began to teach Reggaeton, Bachata, and other authentical latin dances in Szombathely and Budapest with my partner, Csilla.

In 2010 we founded our own dance school (, which is the first and only Reggaeton Dance School in Hungary, teaching Puerto Rican, Cuban, Jamaican, Latin-American, Dominican authentical and street dances.

We are constant instructors of many international dance festivals, we teach several dance styles on high technical level.

We created a new fitness style, Reggaeness® (Reggaeton fitness) based on Jamaican, Puerto Rican, African and Caribbean street dances. This way we can get these dances to be liked in a wilder range.

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